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WHAT I ENJOY...Please note that despite Me enjoying everything I do, I won't enjoy any of it if I haven't received consent from you, lawfully. So no, I will not indulge Myself in anything we haven't discussed prior to session and I will keep within your capabilities discussed by continuously checking on your comfort and compliance.

The power of it all. I tie you up only to enhance that feeling of helplessness when you want to but can only use you eyes or nose incase we have the blindfolds.
My body and sensuality allows Me to take you very far before I even touch you but the real fun is in the humiliation that follows... you will BEG and spoiler alert! it will be in vain but despite already knowing this you will still beg...this is My favourite part.
Have you been naughty? Honestly, that doesn't matter, we shall find a reason to punish you even if it's solely for my pleasure (hint: it always is).
Might not look like your usual school headmistress but I bet you wouldn't handle a full caning session with Me. I'm yet to find a willing candidate to go all the way.
I like teaching naughty boys lessons and you really better be attentive during the lesson, there will be a test on everything.
If you can handle a whip, come My way, I will love you.
canes whips and chain are not for all, over my knee , for the naughty boys or over the desk for my "office janitor boy" who just can't get that one spot.
Humiliation is a big part of most of what I do from the very start, however, if you are deep into it, then we shall get along well. Whether tied down , unbound, on a leash, I genuinely enjoy all aspect of humiliation and mistreatment.
Face slapping 
kicking and punching

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